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Q. How many times can certified seed be moved?

A. After final certification is completed, a maximum of two physical transfers are allowed to help maintain seed quality. The main concern is for certified seed that is sold by the initial labeler to an approved retailer. No additional transfers to a different retailer is allowed. That seed must be sold to the consumer.    

                One move - from the initial labeler  ------->   consumer,    OR

                Two moves - from the initial labeler  ------->   approved retailer  ------->   consumer

After the first sale to an approved retailer, the certification number will change to a Relabel (R#) and then that seed can only be sold directly to the consumer.


Q. Can seed from two or more lots, purchased from different labelers, be combined for resale?

A. Seed from multiple lots or labelers may be commingled for resale. Send, fax or email to ndseed@ndseed.ndsu.edu, all of the certificates for the seed lots you received and request new certificates. The analysis will be adjusted to reflect the commingled lot. Change the lot number to identify the seed at your location. A good practice is to include the bin number in the new lot number.


Q. I have carryover seed. How do I get new bulk certificates?

A. Obtain a representative sample from the bin and send to our department (preferably in NDSSD manila seed envelope) for a new germination test. Include with the sample, a completed Relabeling Request for Carryover Seed form, which can be found on our website under Online Forms.


Q. Can several lots of carryover seed be combined into one bin?

A. Before carryover seed is combined, each lot should be tested for germination to ensure they have not gone out of condition. Submit a representative sample with a Relabeling Request for Carryover Seed form from each bin. Note on each form that you would like to combine the lots for resale. Change the lot number to identify the new combined lot.


Q. How do I get new certificates if carryover seed was combined prior to testing?

A. Obtain a representative sample from the bin either by probing the top and bottom of the bin or by removing approximately 5 percent of the total quantity in the bin for sampling. Submit the representative sample along with a Relabeling Request for Carryover Seed form. Indicate on the form the certification numbers along with the quantity of each lot combined. Change the lot number to identify the new combined lot.


Q. How long do records and samples for a seed lot need to be retained?

A. Records of seed sales must be kept for three years and samples must be kept for one year after final disposition of the lot.


Q. Can field inspected seed be sold to another grower and can they condition it for their own use?

A. No. Field inspected seed must be conditioned by a North Dakota approved conditioning facility to be eligible for certification and sale. Field inspected seed may be sold to an approved conditioning or bulk retail facility for final certification and labeling.

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