Seed Conditioners


Seed conditioning includes all activities performed on seed between harvest and marketing. Other terms associated with conditioning could include cleaning, processing, sizing, grading, storing, and treating.

Designation as a North Dakota Approved Conditioner permits a facility or mobile mill to condition seed that has passed field inspection by an authorized NDSSD inspector. Approved conditioners are responsible for maintaining the purity and identity of seed throughout the conditioning process. Seed Conditioners are regulated to ensure they meet the requirements of the Federal Seed Act.

Conditioner Requirements

Seed conditioning plants and mobile cleaners must be approved by the North Dakota State Seed Department to condition field-inspected seed for final certification. To be approved, conditioners must meet certain minimum requirements for equipment and management practices.

Conditioners listed on this website meet the minimum requirements established by the department. The ability to properly clean seed also involves skill and experience. Customers are urged to discuss their cleaning needs with an approved conditioner to determine whether they have the ability to meet their needs.  


Seed Conditioner Permit

A permit is required to operate as a certified seed conditioner in North Dakota. Permits are issued on an annual basis following an inspection of the facility by a Seed Department inspector. Seed conditioning facility managers and designated samplers must meet minimum requirements for handling all seed, maintaining proper records and drawing representative samples of all seed lots for certification according to the certification rules and regulations. 

Approved conditioners with multiple facilities or mobile units must have a separate permit for each facility or mobile unit.

Growers who condition their own seed using their own equipment on their own premises are not required to have a permit. However, they are not allowed to condition seed for other growers.


Additional Resources

Application for Approved Conditioner

Quick Reference Guide for Certified Seed Conditioner Requirements


Facility Management

Facility managers must understand and agree to all of the requirements on the permit application. The facility manager and employees are responsible for meeting all terms of the agreement. In general, the agreement covers all items relating to the proper conditioning and handling of certified seed, record retention and adherence to state and federal seed laws, including Plant Variety Protection.

Permission to operate as an Approved Certified Seed Conditioning Facility is granted on an annual basis and may be revoked at any time without notice under the following circumstances:

  • Conditions specified in the Agreement are not fulfilled
  • Violations of state certification standards
  • Violations of state seed laws
  • Violations of the Federal Seed Act

Seed conditioned by an unapproved seed conditioner will not be eligible for certification.