Seed conditioners and bulk retailers play an integral role in the delivery of quality seed products for the agricultural industry. North Dakota regulations concerning certified seed handling facilities are based on the following Federal Seed Act requirements stated in §201.73.

The following requirements must be met by processors of all classes of certified seed:

  1. Facilities shall be available to perform processing without introducing admixtures.
  2. Identity of the seed must be maintained at all times.
  3. Records of all operations relating to certification shall be complete and adequate to account for all incoming seed and final disposition of seed.
  4. Processors shall permit inspection by the certifying agency of all records pertaining to all classes of certified seed.
  5. Processors shall designate an individual who shall be responsible to the certifying agency for performing such duties as may be required by the certifying agency.
  6. Seed lots of the same variety and class may be blended and the class retained. If lots of different classes are blended, the lowest class shall be applied to the resultant blend. Such blending can only be done when authorized by the certifying agency.

Only those facilities approved by the State Seed Department are permitted to handle certified seed. Approval is based on:

  1. An inspection to determine whether the facility is properly designed, equipped and managed to maintain the identity and purity of a seed lot and,
  2. Training for employees responsible for handling certified seed.


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