Brokers and buyers of seed and commercial potatoes must be licensed to operate in the state of North Dakota. The Wholesale Potato Dealer's license program requires licensees to provide accurate business information, financial statements and financial security instruments (either a bond or letter of credit) to be approved to purchase potatoes in wholesale lots. Requirements for financial security are based on a graduated scale depending on the maximum dollar value of potatoes purchased in both monthly and annual amounts.


A Wholesale Potato Dealer is defined as any person who:

  • Buys potatoes in wholesale lots directly from a producer or a producer cooperative or;
  • Sells or handles potatoes in wholesale lots for the purpose of processing or resale or;
  • Handles potatoes on account of, or as an agent for another.


The license program is operated by the Seed Department and supported by the ND Attorney General’s office. The licensure period begins on July 1 and expires June 30th of each calendar year. The annual license fee is $200. Questions on the ND Wholesale Dealer's license program should be directed to the Commissioner’s office.




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