The standard purity analysis determines the percentage by weight of pure seed, inert matter, other crop and weed seed present in a sample. If present, other crop seed and weed seed found in the sample are identified. This test also includes a North Dakota noxious weed examination. Additional purity tests are available, depending on the needs of the customer.

North Dakota Noxious

The North Dakota noxious exam determines the rate of occurrence of North Dakota prohibited and restricted noxious weed seeds present in the sample.

USA Noxious

The USA noxious exam determines the rate of occurrence of weed seeds that are restricted or prohibited in any state in the United States. This purity test is required to label seed for sale in any state in the U.S.

Canadian Noxious

The Canadian purity analysis provides the information and paperwork necessary to ship seed into Canada. This test usually requires a larger sample size.

OECD Purity

This purity exam meets the needs of exporters shipping seed to countries that require tests meeting Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development standards.