Greenhouse Minitubers

  • $40.00 per pound for orders over 70 pounds
  • $50.00 per pound for orders under 70 pounds
  • Prices do not include shipping

Tissue Culture Plantlets

  • Single tube: $125.00
  • Each additional tube of same variety: $5.00
  • Box of 25-30 sterile plantlets: $50.00 per box
  • Includes documentation of testing
  • Shipping and packaging fees may apply

A 40% deposit is required on all orders.

Customers will be contacted approximately two weeks before shipping to determine if dormant (from cold storage) or field-ready seed should be shipped.

Note: The policy of NDSSD provides that tissue culture plantlets are produced for the purpose of sharing specific varieties with other tissue culture laboratories (with variety owner approval); increase of experimental varieties for breeding programs; or for the purpose of research. Specific paperwork, including but not limited to material transfer agreements, may be required prior to material exchange. NDSSD Potato Program policies prohibit mass propagation of plantlets for the purpose of tuber increase except in these cases, or if approved by administration.