USDA/Cooperative Potato Inspection Program Fees

**Prices effective 10/01/2023
Summer Inspections Fee
Field Inspections $34.00 per acre
Minimum Fee per Lot $34.00
Late Fee $39.00 per acre
Minimum Farm Fee $100.00
Administrative Fee
Overtime Rate $30.00 per hour
Positive Lot Identification Fee $15.00 per Truck, $25 per Railcar
Minimum Inspection Fee $30.00
Mileage Surcharge (State Rate) $0.655 per mile
Phytosanitary Certificate Fee $20.00
Travel Time Rate over 20 miles from designated point $50.00

Overtime: Weekdays (Monday through Friday), overtime is charged before 8:00 a.m. and after 5:00 p.m. Overtime is charged on Saturday, Sunday and official state/federal holidays.

Mileage: A mileage charge will be assessed on inspections performed over 20 road miles from a designated shipping point. For purposes of this policy, designated shipping points are the hometown of each full-time inspector (currently Grafton, Walhalla, Minto, Hoople, Cando and Fargo). Mileage charge rate is subject to change by OMB action.