The State Seed Department is the state’s official seed certification agency. The Field Seed Program is responsible for management of all processes involved in the production of certified seed from field inspection through final certification. The program is also responsible for development and administration of specialized programs such as quality assured field inspections or identity preservation of specialty crops or varieties. To help ensure certified seed is conditioned and handled properly, staff also inspect and approve certified seed conditioning facilities, mobile conditioners, and bulk retail facilities. Program staff play an active role in promoting usage of high quality certified seed and educating the public about intellectual property rights issues.

Services Provided

  • Establish minimum certification standards for genetic purity and identity
  • Field inspection in support of seed certification and custom programs
  • Evaluate, document, and verify that seed or plant products meet state certification standards
  • Inspection of seed conditioning facilities and bulk retail facilities
  • Develop specialized programs related to field inspection of unique varietal traits and identity preservation
  • Assist plant breeders with characterization of varieties prior to commercialization
  • Assist with purification of Breeder and Foundation seedstocks
  • Facilitate interstate or international transfer of seed
  • Develop and disseminate educational information related to the department's mission
  • Promote the certified seed industry throughout the state and region
  • Collect research fees on behalf of variety owners