Seed Quality Lab Tests


* If multiple tests are needed, be sure to submit enough seed for all requested tests.

Common Tests by Crop Group

Group 1          Germination $22     Purity $22     Seed Count $6

Alfalfa, Buckwheat, Cereals, Clovers, Flax, Hemp, Millet, Radish, Sorghum, Sudangrass, Trefoil, Vetch

Group 2          Germination $30     Purity $22     Seed Count $6

Chickpea, Corn, Field Bean, Field Pea, Lentil, Safflower, Soybean, Sunflower

Group 3          Germination $25     Purity $28     Seed Count $6

Canola, Crambe, Mustard, Sugarbeet, Turnip

Group 4          Germination $30     Purity $28

Blanketflower, Bluegrass, Bromegrass, Coneflower, Crested Wheatgrass, Crown Vetch, False/Maximillian Sunflower, Fescue, Orchardgrass, Prairie Dropseed, Prairie Junegrass, Ryegrass, Sand Dropseed, Timothy

Group 5          Germination $40     Purity $80

Bluestem, Grama, Indiangrass

Group 6          Germination $25     Purity $60

Wheatgrasses, Wildrye

Group 7          Germination $35     Purity $25


Group 8          Germination $50     Purity $25

Green Needlegrass, Needle and Thread

Other Tests
Seed Viability Tests   Cost
Accelerated Aging (Soybeans, Field Beans, Field Peas) $25
Tetrazolium Group 1 crops $35
  All other crops $45
Purity Tests   Cost
Herbicide Trait Bioassay Clearfield Wheat and Lentil $90
  Glyphosate Tolerant Soybean $40
USA All States Noxious   $30
Canadian Noxious Group 1 & 2 crops $25
  All other crops $40
Other Crop Check   $18
Weed Check   $18
Crop Grading Mustard only $35

Potassium Hydroxide             (KOH) Red/White Wheat

Miscellaneous Charges

Treated Sample

Additional $2.00 added to fee.

Mixture Fees

Sum of individual cost of each component charged for germination and purity tests. Additional separation fee of $4.00 per component added.

Rush Fee

Double the test fee for the kind tested.

Hourly Fee

$50.00 per hour added to samples that are time consuming, dirty, and/or have excessively high inert matter.

Document Fee


Sample Size for Testing


The minimum sample size is at least 800 seeds.


Small-seeded grasses, white or alsike clover or seeds of similar size (4 oz.)

Sweet clover, red clover, alfalfa, grasses, millet, rape, flax or seeds of similar size (1/2 lb.)

Cereals, soybeans, or seeds of similar size (2 lb.)