* If multiple tests are needed, be sure to submit enough seed for all requested tests.

** Prices effective 10/01/2023

Seed Health Tests
Crop Test Charge Sample Size for Testing
Barley Barley Stripe Mosaic Virus $150.00 1/2 pound
Barley, Wheat Fusarium $145.00 1/2 pound
Barley, Wheat Loose Smut $70.00 1/2 pound
Canola Blackleg $150.00 1/2 pound
Edible Bean Bacterial Blight (Dome Test) $120.00 2 pounds
Edible Bean Bean Anthracnose $150.00 2 pounds
Field Pea Pea Seed Borne Mosaic Virus $220.00 1 pound

Fungal Scan

(Botrytis, Ascochyta, Anthracnose, Sclerotinia)

$180.00 1/2 pound

Pulse Crops

(Field Pea, Chickpea, Lentil)

Ascochyta (500 seed) $160.00

Lentil 1/2 pound

All other Pulse Crops 1 pound

Wheat Vomitoxin $75.00 1/2 pound


GMO Tests on Soybeans
Test Charge Sample Size for Testing
Flow Strip Test for Glyphosate, Glufosinate, Dicamba, 2,4-D $130.00 1 pound


Variety Identification Tests
Test Crop Charge Sample Size for Testing
Capillary Electropheresis Wheat, Barley,           Field Pea $150.00 1/2 pound (Wheat and Barley)                 1 pound (Field Pea)
Protein Electropheresis Oat $150.00 1/2 pound