Non-Resident Seed Dealer's License


Nonresident individuals and seed companies conducting business in North Dakota are required to obtain a Nonresident Seed Dealer’s license if seed is sold directly to a consumer. If sales are made through wholesale or retail businesses in North Dakota, and your name is on the label, a Seed Labeling Permit is also required. The name and address of each company-authorized agent must be included with the seed dealer’s license. The cost of the annual license is $25.


License Requirements

  • A license is required for all nonresident seed dealers
  • A Seed Labeling Permit is also required if you are the initial labeler of a seed lot


Reporting Requirements

Labelers are required to record all seed sales and submit an annual report of all seed sales by September 1. The reporting period is July 1 through June 30 of each year. Report forms are mailed to permit holders the end of June. Labeling fees are based on the volume of seed sold.  Only seed sold with your name as labeler must be reported.




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